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  • Hannah So

Comp Sci Students Prep for Online Classes, Returns Unopened Deodorant

Drugstores around the GTA have been met with a surge in deodorant returns from overjoyed Computer Science students following the announcement that classes would be offered remotely for the 2020-2021 school year.

“The people have been liberated!!! Bless President Gertler and the administration for their mercy,” wrote u/horny4liu on the U of T subreddit.

The unopened deodorant sticks are a symbol of societal authoritarianism to many. Some students have even taken to burning their deodorant in a new social media trend dubbed “#freethepit”. But despite students’ joy, businesses have been left to deal with the financial repercussions.  

“This isn’t a big loss to us, honestly. Once a semester, we’ll get this kid who comes into the shop. His ASUS ROG Ranger backpack just sticks out like a sore thumb, glows bright red. He usually buys a single Old Spice ‘Swagger’ and bolts out. So that’s like, $10 a year?” said Rexall store manager Bart Bowen. 

The Boundary will keep tabs on deodorant sales across the GTA for the following months.



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