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  • Anne Campbell

CS Student Union President Resigns After Affair With Other Hand

Shockwaves are being felt through the CS community after the CSSU president, Eric Shun was unexpectedly caught white-handed in an affair. The homewrecker? His other hand. “I never expected something like this to come from him,” said a close source who preferred to remain anonymous, “it’s such a jerky thing to do.”

Calls for his resignation were immediate after the affair was uncovered. Other members of the student government agreed unanimously that he had to be ejected. “It really shouldn’t be that hard to remain focused on the task at hand,” said Vice President Wayne King. Other members expressed similar dissatisfaction at his performance.

Candidates to succeed him include Mike Hawk, Oliver Klosov, and Jacques Oeuf. The election is set to be held shortly and the results will be released soon.



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