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  • Sammy Edwards

Eager Kindergartener Creates Group Chat For Shapes 101

January is nearing its end, and while an extended break provided some much needed relaxation for students, schoolwork is starting to pile up. One student who doesn’t want to fall behind is senior kindergartener Tommy Lowe, who is just a few credits away from graduating.

Lowe noticed that school had been ramping up, yet no one had made a course group chat for the notoriously difficult Shapes 101. So, young Tommy quickly went to his parents and inquired if he could use the computer even though it was a school night. Luckily for Tommy, they were feeling generous, and at 6:49PM he posted the following message in the Miss Butler’s Kindergarten Class of 2021 Facebook group:

“Hi class of 2021! I could sense a lot of negative energy during naptime today, and I think the Shapes 101 term test was to blame (I mean what the heck was that surprise question about circles?). For those of us who still haven’t dropped the course, I’ve taken the initiative to make a Shapes 101 group chat where we can help each other solve problem sets, work together on figuring out those harder shapes, vent about how fucked an exam was, and maybe even plan to meet up for a Kool-Aid Jammer or two after the midterm.”

Within a couple minutes, Tommy was met with several comments on his post including, but not limited to: “Do you think Miss Butt-ler will curve the last term test?”; “Hey I missed today’s lesson; what colour crayon should I be using when drawing triangles?”; and “How can all squares be rectangles but not all rectangles are squares?”.

Although several classmates have joined Tommy’s Shapes 101 group chat, most students are either too awkward, scared, illiterate, or a combination of all three, to say anything.

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