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  • Clare Mooney

First Year Still Trying to Befriend “Maddy”

Making friends in first year can be difficult, especially at a large school like UofT. With every campus micro-celebrity comes a hoard of students who will never have more than two friends, fated for a life of loneliness. One student in particular has expressed frustration over her current friend situation citing her intention to befriend “Maddy,” a character notorious for her popularity, particularly among second and third-year students.

“It just seems like everyone turns 19 and knows this Maddy girl. It might be Madison, actually. Even my friends from TMU have been hanging out at her place. She’s so popular that everyone calls her THE Maddy. Who the f**k is The Maddy? I just want to meet her,” Esther bluntly explained.

Esther sought us out when looking to find Maddy, knowing that if anyone would know the most popular girl in school, it would be The Boundary. Taking the seriousness of her request to heart, The Boundary quickly launched a full-scale investigation to find the girl of Esther’s dreams. 

The Boundary spoke with a few other students, who had varied levels of knowledge of Maddy. Fourth-year computer science student Eric Hartman commented, “I have absolutely no idea who that is. I’ve never heard of Maddy.” Second-year fraternity member Lucas Belmore, however, had a lot to say about his experiences with Maddy; “Bro I love The Maddy bro. Every Monday I go there and it’s super hype.” Maddy herself, more formally known as Madison, has declined to comment.



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