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  • Mauricio Gerdes

Guy Best Friend Still #3 on Waitlist

The start of the winter semester is a turbulent time for nearly everyone. After spending much-needed time with family and friends over the holiday break, the return to academic life brings as much excitement as it does dismay. Many students have taken it upon themselves to periodically check ACORN in hopes of seeing their names rise on the dreaded waitlist. From bird courses to program requirements, students across all three campuses are hoping to be notified of their removal from the waitlist. For one student, however, courses aren’t the only thing he’s waitlisting.

Earlier this week, The Boundary sat down with Kyle Joyce, a third-year student who’s been waitlisted by his ‘girl-bestie’, Sophia Mason, since the second semester of his first year. “I’m really hoping that this is the semester I get off this darn waitlist and into the relationship part of our friendship,” said Kyle. “Sophie and I have been best friends since first year. I don’t think anyone knows her better than I do. I mean, who else stands in the Robarts Starbucks line for her every morning?” When asked about the two students in front of him on the waitlist, Kyle casually responded that “they’re like brothers to Sophie”.

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