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  • Keah Sharma

Hero Nerd Submits Assignments Late To Save Class Average

As students scramble to finish their final papers, prepare for exams, and maintain some semblance of sanity this exam season, one UofT student has shown us that she’s willing to take one for the team. Second-year Jenna Buler once identified as a chronic procrastinator, but now has a new take on her perpetual lagging: “I’m a hero” she told The Boundary.

In an exclusive interview, Jenna sat down with The Boundary to explain why she submits her assignments days after the deadline. “I used to feel bad about myself when I submitted things late, but now I’ve realized I’m doing a service to my community. If I submit on time, I’m simply too powerful. By submitting late and getting a few points docked, I can at least allow my classmates to compete, or, if nothing else, bring down the class average.” Jenna, described as the voice of a generation by her classmates, has been applauded schoolwide for her sacrifice.

Throughout her undergraduate career, Jenna was asked why she would not reach out and request extensions. She now labels what she first attributed to pure laziness as perhaps the most compelling form of agency. “I don’t need someone to tell me if I can or can’t submit something late. No bureaucratic machine deserves control over my life. I’ll submit how I want to when I want to. What can I say, I’m just an empath.”

Jenna was recently spotted banging her head against a desk in the Sussex section of the Robarts stacks while seated in front of a blank Google Doc. When questioned about the incident and her apparent inability to finish her paper, Jenna insisted it was part of her process. The Boundary commends Jenna’s commitment to the greater good and wishes her the best this exam season.



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