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  • Nona Jalali and Emory Claire Mitchell

Humble Visionaries Pass on Torch to Glass-Ceiling Annihilators: Welcome from the New Editors

A welcome letter from The Boundary's new Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor.

Pictured (left to right): former EIC Ted Fraser, former Managing Editor Kyle Brickman, current EIC Nona Jalali, current Managing Editor Emory Claire Mitchell.

Dear Fellow Students, Graduated Friends, and Professors with nothing better to do, 

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Boys Club that was The Boundary has successfully been toppled, proving once and for all that “the ‘f’ in ‘female’ stands for satirical.” 

The statement above is the first joke that we will attempt to crack throughout this welcome letter — the founders of The Boundary have been nothing but kind and magnanimous. In first year, we were welcomed to the table and immediately seated at the right hand of Ted Fraser (former EIC) and Kyle Brickman (former Managing Editor). They asked for our ideas consistently, regardless of the fact that we were visibly terrified of the boardroom filled with upper years. We cannot forget the constant efforts of Boundary alumni Jack Mageau, Thomas Sider, Daniel Aykler, Louis Butt, Will Stoecker, and Kevin Yin, as they fostered a supportive and delightful environment. Thank you to the graduated alumni for making this inclusive experience possible for us and members to come.

Anyways, that’s enough of us crediting our success to men. We are thrilled to begin the 2020-21 academic year, especially with the stellar masthead and members that comprise Volume 4: 

Hannah So, while being our trusted Head Copy Editor, also contributes quality writing, scripts, and video editing to The Boundary;

Head Writer Sammy Edwards is a talented wordsmith who came to us unexpectedly last year and never fails to make us laugh, in and out of meetings; 

Joseph Strauss and Spencer Gilbert are our committed Deputy Managing Editors, and are experts in sorting through the chaos of workshops to find the perfect headline; 

Ruven Samaraweera’s photo editing skills have brought to life many ridiculous situations, and perfected a plethora of our articles; and finally,

Patrick Fraser, who launches our Instagram outreach, writes articles, and models in photographs with zeal. 

We are ecstatic to continue publishing articles, photos, and videos that make everyone at UofT chuckle, while contemplating the irony behind various cultural and academic events. The fact that we have exclusively maintained an online presence has never been more beneficial, as our fanbase can now access us and their lectures side-by-side. While humour is, at its core, a lighthearted endeavor, we will not let that blind us from the higher power of satire. Our Constitution states, “The Boundary’s satire, above all, aims to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.” The maintenance of this sentiment is paramount to us and echoes in our ears during meetings and throughout the editing process. Truly, thank you to all who have supported us and those that will continue to do so as we move forward. 


Nona Jalali, Editor-in-Chief

Emory Claire Mitchell, Managing Editor



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