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New Summer Abroad Program: Epstein Island (Restricted to First Years)

UofT’s Caribbean Studies Institute has released a new Summer Abroad opportunity for 2024. This program will take students to the beautiful United States Virgin Islands, particularly the island of Little St. James. This island has been a cultural and learning hub for decades, welcoming guests like Bill Clinton, Woody Allen, and even Stephen Hawking. Over the course of six weeks abroad, students will take part in various learning opportunities intended to expand their wealth of knowledge on the island, its history, and its mysterious past.

Mhislaine Gaxwell, a former student who has studied on the island, commented that, “Little St. James is the best place to spend your summer! It has everything you would want in an abroad experience, and you might even stumble upon a few things you wouldn’t expect.”

Requirements for the program are as follows: Less than 4.0FCE at time of application. Students over the age of twenty will not be considered. Participation in the School of Caribbean Studies is encouraged, but not required, for admission.



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