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  • Natalie Cader-Beutel

Relationship With Guy in Cave Purely Platonic

Nobody likes it when people make assumptions about them. A new study has revealed that nearly 100% of the time, that type of behaviour makes an ass out of both parties involved. According to second-year Political Science student Anika Froush, such assumptions are getting in the way of her “well-being and human rights.”

Froush tells The Boundary that she is fed up with friends and acquaintances assuming that she and International Relations major Joshua Kabat-Deblanc are in a romantic relationship. Reportedly, Anika and Josh have been friends since their first year, when they met in Introduction to Political Theory. Throughout their friendship, Froush has helped Kabat-Deblanc study for a multitude of exams, and Joshua recently gave Anika a tour around his basement apartment. However, spending time with her peer has caused others to make assumptions about Anika’s love life.

Froush tells The Boundary that “in 2024, we really have to stop making assumptions like that. It’s harmful to everyone, but especially for me,” she continued, “because I would never date someone like Joshua. It’s like he doesn’t even know what the real world is about. He sits in his apartment, basically chained to the wall, staring at the little shadows that come through the little widows. He doesn’t even care to go outside and see what it's all about,” she sighed.

“I work so hard out there in real life trying to make the world as close to utopia as it can be. I’ve had like three internships at organizations that are more than what the news reports about them, and I still feel no closer to fixing society,” Anika explains, “But at least I know what’s going on and I’m trying to do something about it—unlike Joshua. I just want people to stop thinking we’re an item. It's purely platonic.”

Anika tells The Boundary that there appears to be no other solution to her predicament than to end her friendship with Kabat-Deblanc. “I thought I could teach him, but it’s no use, and now it's backfiring on me,” she concludes, “I hope that one day, he and everyone can finally see things as they really are.”



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