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  • Clare Mooney

Rez Info Posters Getting Too Real

Zoey DiCamillo, a student in New College residence, was shocked this week by a new, and very specific, sexual education poster on her floor's info board. She told The Boundary, “Well, at first I was concerned that this poster was personal, but then I realized this may be a more universal experience than I thought.” DiCamillio also voiced concerns regarding the activities of one of her sexual partners; “Do you think he’s seeing other people?”

While intercourse in a car is by no means rare, students are questioning whether or not it is necessary for the Office of Residence and Student Life to address this topic in such a public and tone-deaf way. Consent is important in all scenarios, but must these infographics be so specific and tactless? A less sexually active student, Theresa Beatty, noted that she found the poster, “inappropriate and futile,” and also questioned, “Who would even do that?”

Zoey DiCamillio, when questioned about her decisions, wanted the record to show: “He had a car!” She did, however, agree that this poster make her think about the importance of consent, even agreeing that this poster could be considered helpful. “It really made me think about if the 'right place and right time' is in a backseat beside a couple of empty Monster cans after my tutorial.”



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