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  • Joseph Strauss

Sexy Nurse Looking Forward to One Day of Year Without Judgement

With Halloween around the corner, sexy kings and queens who have otherwise felt ostracized by society finally get the opportunity to feel comfortable in their regular attire for a day. Allie Barrett, a self-described “sexy nurse” working at Sunnybrook Hospital, is more than content to stick to her usual, skimpy garb on October 31.

“Work can be tough,” says Barrett. As the only nurse at Sunnybrook with a preference for being scantily clad, daily life often becomes isolating for her. “That’s why I love Halloween. Why pay attention to the sexy nurse when there’s a radiologist wearing devil’s horns? The other nurses don’t judge me when Elvis Presley is in the ER.”

Dirty looks, creeps asking for her phone number, and condescending patients are among the daily trials faced by Barrett. “On Halloween, though, that all goes away,” says the nurse. “…Well, except for the creeps… and the dirty looks. And––look, I just feel more accepted, okay?” 

Barrett adds that she is considering switching careers as nursing has proven to be an exceptionally draining profession through the pandemic. She mentioned potential opportunities as a sexy sailor, cop, or even an entry-level job as a cat––and with her impressive background as a schoolgirl, the future looks bright.

Photo Credit: Emory Claire Mitchell



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