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  • Patrick Fraser

UofT Unveils New ExxonMobil™ Faculty of Forestry Building

The University of Toronto proudly unveiled a new corporate sponsor for the Faculty of Forestry today. Located on Willcocks street, the ExxonMobil Faculty of Forestry is a massive brutalist building shaped in the style of an off-shore oil rig, complete with in-floor oil heating, a four-storey underground garage, and a games room. Exxon’s Darren Woods cut the ceremonial red tape at an emotional ceremony in the building's foyer.

“Today is a red letter date for UofT, our students, our friends at ExxonMobil, and the environment also,” said Cirian O’Gallagher, sustainability coordinator at UofT. “Our partnership with ExxonMobil ensures more funding for things that matter: reliable and environmentally-friendly investment, education, clean growth, and access to billiards for all.”

O’Gallagher responded to concerns expressed by climate action groups over ExxonMobil’s involvement. “We hear you, we understand your concerns. ExxonMobil joins RBC and a long list of partners who will keep our pockets ful... I mean, provide better resources for the UofT community. No one knows how to extract the best in people quite like Exxon. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.” UofT has also reportedly entered talks with Saudi Aramco to sponsor the new Global Peace Centre on Huron street.



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