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St. Michael's College Introduces Handcrafted Artisan Sandwiches at Famed Canada Room Dining Hall

Toronto, ON: In an attempt to revive the company's subpar culinary reputation and bolster dwindling revenues, Brennan Hall partner Chartwells has introduced their highly-anticipated handcrafted artisan sandwiches. The move is part of the company’s new and invigorated ‘DineOnCampus’ campaign.

St Michael’s College student Sara Giuliani hesitantly labelled the new made-to-order sandwiches as being “interesting” and “unique”.

In unrelated news, Chartwells is currently facing a wave of allegations over accusations of unsanitary working conditions. Since September, there have been 14 reported cases of E. coli within the St. Michael’s College community.

Last week’s regular church service at St. Basil’s was cancelled after news that both priests, Fr. Morgan V. Rice and Fr. Norm Tanck contracted “violent” E. coli infections.

St. Michael’s College and Chartwells are expected to address the public regarding the allegations later this week.


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