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  • Boundary Staff

RSVP to The Boundary's First Open House

On Monday, November 19th, join The Boundary at the Cat's Eye for its first Open House!

Take advantage of the chance to learn how we operate, and opportunities to contribute to the University of Toronto's finest and most essential ‘news’ source.

For mood, we’ll be playing, over AUX, the digitized transcript of our controversial Varsity interview at maximum volume and bass. It will be played at 1.5x speed and, before the night is through, in over 170 languages!

There’ll be Caffiends-catered cookies and coffee, with napkins generously provided by The Strand. VicXposure freelancers will be snapping pictures of the event (make sure to look as pensive as possible for your chance at a new profile picture).

Additionally, we will be announcing a bold and exciting new Student Works-sponsored venture. Our trusted head copy editor and amateur breakdancer Thomas Sider has promised to “compliment” the speech with “an interpretive dance [he’s] been working on for a few weeks.”

NOTE: Any card-carrying Toike-Oiker will be vetted at the entrance by our in-house bouncer Will Stoecker. .

Mark it in your calendars - Monday, November 19th 6:00 - 8:00pm.

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