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  • Schomberg Bureau Chief Nick Berger

Student Failing Ornithology Class Desperately Seeking Easier Bird Course

Let’s face it. Sometimes students decide to take a certain elective under the assumption that it will be easy. They can relax, scroll through Facebook, take it easy - all while the course’s negligible workload buoys their GPA.

This is what university students refer to as a “bird course.”

Following the University of Toronto’s introduction of a third-year course on ornithology (the study of birds), the student body was thrilled. Opportunistic students entered the course expecting an easy A, but have instead encountered stress, confusion, and trauma.

“This course is fucked. I have a 32%,” said distraught third-year political science student Chris Fragomeni.

“When my buddy Jay told me it was a bird course, I thought that meant it was easy. How was I supposed to know it was actually about birds? ‘Ornithology’ made me think it was about the middle ages or some shit.”

Chris went on to say, “the chapter on migration patterns was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. There’s like a million species and they all look the same. It’s bullshit!”

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