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  • Boundary Staff

Acquaintance ‘From Manitoba’ Refusing to Break Character

Cody Larson, your acquaintance who “swears [he’s] from Brandon, Manitoba” is taking this fake ID thing way too far. According to confused friends, Larson “looks like he’s from Timmins or something,” and is “refusing to break character,” on his “obviously forged Manitoba ID.”

Larson’s cruel psychological games began in first year. In a tense common room standoff during Orientation Week, Larson alleged he took a year off, was consequently of age, and was also Manitoban.

This prompted chuckles and elbows all around, much to Larson’s chagrin.

His friends feel as if the joke has gone too far - and that Larson is losing his grip on reality.

“We all memorized fakes, but that shit stops the second I hobble into Dance Cave,” reported moonlighting Quebecer Oliver Milton. “I feel taken advantage of. It’s too much.”

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