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  • David Giancarlo Conforti

Kin Panel Discusses Career Paths, Ranging From “High School Gym Teacher” to “Elementary School Gym T

Seated on the floor of the Goldring gymnasium, the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Kinesiology hosted a career panel this Saturday to help inform students of the limitless paths they might pursue once they graduate. The students were told to expect a broad range of employment opportunities: some teaching a health class when not teaching gym, others coaching young athletes when not teaching gym–the possibilities are truly endless.

Kinesiology Professor Serge Largarms, when asked for comment, told us, “the scope of careers these kids are looking at is really something. You know, some people think that we only produce high school and elementary school gym teachers, but it’s really so much more. I mean, I was in Kin back when I was a student and look at me now–I’m teaching gym teachers!”

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