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  • Will Strachan

U of T Collectively DM’s McGill “Friend” in Preparation for Reading Week

With the February break quickly approaching, a sense of unorganized panic is sweeping through the U of T community. A time reserved for relaxation, “reading”, and some much-needed binge drinking has turned hectic as many students have resorted to all–out panic.

Many a high–minded plan of an all–inclusive trip to Cuba has fallen through, leaving U of T students with no option other than turning to their “friend” who goes to McGill in search of last-minute accommodation in Canada’s most cultured metropolis.

True Blues all across campus are desperately attempting to reconnect with high school acquaintances, first-year one night stands, and ex co–workers.

In a last ditch effort to re-establish contact with that one douchey guy he may have talked to at frat party two years ago, self–appointed group vacation planner Trent Brobrovsky sends an optimistic direct message through Instagram:

A very cheap and desperate man with dirty fingernails attempts to acquire free lodging

“Hey man I know we haven’t talked in a while but I was just wondering if you were gonna be in MTL this weekend??”

The hopeful Bobrovksy went on to describe his relationship with “Antoine” for The Boundary:

“He was dressed really weird, and his childhood friend was saying he’s actually named Anthony but had adopted Antoine upon arrival to 'La Belle Province.' I think he’s trying to convince people that he’s European or something. I heard he’s from Kingston. Either way I’m honestly just hoping for a free place to crash for me and my four other friends”

We here at The Boundary wish Trent, and others like him, the best of luck. If you happen to know any Montrealers with a pull–out couch please email us

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