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  • Emory Claire Mitchell

First Year Student Credit/No Credits Frosh Friendship

With the drop date quickly approaching, students are scrambling to determine what courses they have time for and what will further their university career. Difficult deliberations about credit/no crediting (cr/ncr) dominates the minds of many students right now; not only in reference to their classes, but also their friendships.

Frosh friendships made in a last minute rush before the deadline with an optimistic “how bad could they really be” are now starting to weigh on students. Up until now, everyone has been hoping their frosh friendship would eventually get easier and become worth the work, but that optimism is dissolving as the last day to cr/ncr nears.

When asked about the workload of the friendship Janice Shelbi is thinking of cr/ncr-ing, she responded, “Yeah, she seemed really cool when we were all marching through Toronto in the summer, but now she’s always complaining about her boyfriend and asking me to hang out. I do have other friends beside her and I don’t want those relationships to suffer because I am spending so much time on her. I’ve gotta make sure I’m getting the full uni experience.”

Whether or not to cr/ncr your frosh friendship forces many students to think how it will affect their futures at the University. Charles Mann says “I really have to think about how this friendship will affect me getting into future friend groups. I started hanging out with this dude during frosh because his friends seemed awesome but now it just doesn't seem worth it to suffer through hanging out with him just for the chance to hang out with his friends later.”

Despite these serious considerations, frosh friendships are dropping like flies during the cold winter months. The workload of hanging out with people you’re ‘just not that into anymore’ is draining, especially if they’re not doing much for you anyways –– we encourage all students to seriously reconsider all of their friendships in the coming weeks.

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