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  • Hannah So

Hot or Just English TA? Students At a Loss

Tensions are running high as the age-old debate “Is he hot or just an English TA?” continues to make waves in English tutorials, leaving many students both perplexed and aroused.

“Stephen’s, like, your average white guy with glasses, but there’s something about him that’s just so fucking sexy,” said Lauren Kim, a student in Stephen’s tutorial who attributes the stirring of her womanhood to the rolled-up sleeves of his rumpled Uniqlo button-up and his perpetual need to shave. “It’s like he’s trying, but not really. You know?”

Katelyn Miller expressed similar sentiments. “Sometimes when my TA sips Voss water during his deconstruction of ‘To the Lighthouse’ I catch myself thinking, ‘Jesus Christ...I wish that was me.’” She later admitted that his Blundstones were a key contributing factor.

The Boundary has reached out to the cutie in question for a comment.

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