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  • Louis Butt

Professor Offers Premium Snapchat Access in Desperate Plea for Volunteer Notetakers

It is more than halfway through the semester and many courses are still in need of volunteer notetakers.

One of these classes is ANT253, where students have been receiving increasingly intimate emails from their professor, Peter Hardwell.

This change in tone showed itself when the Hardwell, a leathery man with fraying, gray hair, started signing off on his emails calling for notetakers with “please and thank you xoxoxo” to many students’ confusion.

This week, he upped the ante by offering the class '75% Off' his Premium Snapchat service for the rest of the semester “to any student who signs up to be a notetaker for the class”.

Accessibility Services has yet to comment on Hardwell's offer, or plea, but they will surely be watching to see if the approach bears fruit.

Students are unsure what to think of the offer, and "frightened" of what could be lurking behind the professor’s Snapchat paywall.

Will it give them better notes on lecture material or tips on assignments?

Even the keenest of students have not yet accepted the offer. The Boundary will continue to keep a watchful eye on the development.

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