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  • Joseph Strauss

U of T Students Anxiously Prepare for Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is upon us, and you know what that means––but not everyone does.

The days are shorter, the air is crisper, and Cupid is clogging up your Instagram feed with pictures of newly-formed couples!

While the campus is rife with blossoming romance, there are those––namely, campus police––who are still trying to figure out what “cuffing season” is, exactly.

“Yeah, I still don’t really get it,” said U of T campus policeman Brock Johnson while fidgeting with a pair of handcuffs. “I thought I just got free rein with these, or whatever.”

While it’s safe to say Johnson was not even close to correct, he does hope to gain a better understanding of the cultural phenomenon.

“Oh,” was his reaction after being told the definition, followed by a long pause and a quizzical look… “Are you sure? You’re saying I should, like, put my girlfriend in handcuffs, right?” he asked, still fidgeting with them.

Johnson is just one of many with this misconception of cuffing season; U of T students are warned to remain vigilant around campus police between the months of October and February.

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