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  • Hannah So

SPOTTED! 'Super Busy' Friend Seen in Stacks After Weeks of No Contact

After a flurry of foreboding “going off social media for a while. txt me if you need me” posts and declined invitations to hang out, your “super busy” friend (SBF) was finally spotted at Robarts.

The alleged sighting occurred at around 8:30pm on Tuesday night on the Harbord side of the ninth floor.

“The smell hit me first,” said second-year Adam Marcus, an SBF-tracking enthusiast who managed to snap the picture shown above.

“There was just this wave of [...] coffee and stale sweat," Marcus said, shuddering. "I turned around and saw him crossing the stacks, but before I could make contact he vanished.”

“He looked terrible. I don’t think he’s been outside in at least a few days," Marcus continued.

Marcus will continue to track the elusive creature and told The Boundary that he intends to plant "Nature Valley granola bars and deodorant" at various locations around the library in an attempt to lure the dishevelled SBF out.

See something suspicious around Robarts? Email to report further sightings.

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