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  • Ben Lee

3-Year-Old Truck Enthusiast Recruited by Anti-Vaxxers

Many parents eagerly await the rush of excitement that comes from seeing early hints of promise, even genius, in their children. They fantasize about the possibilities, wondering if their child will be the next Mozart, Picasso, or even Joe Rogan. While these lofty ambitions are often destined to remain fantasies, sometimes they really do hold some truth about the future.

When Jebecky Fraser witnessed the bravado with which her son Brayden, toddler and Mighty Machines aficionado, smashed his plastic Tonka truck into a T-rex figurine, she knew that she was raising the next generation’s political leader. Immediately, she took him to a Freedom Convoy rally, situated on the side of Highway 400. There, they waited four hours until two crudely decorated 18-wheelers bravely honked a couple of times as they passed by.

“He had this fire in his eyes,” Jebecky said of her son delicately packing snow into his toy’s cargo bed. “I think that Brayden and his truck will really make everyone at Parliament Hill rethink how they deal with this worldwide public health crisis.”

“Beep beep beep,” said Brayden when asked to comment on the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest. Meanwhile, Jebecky has been encouraging her three-year-old to chant “Justine Trudeau is the Antichrist,”, and uploaded the adorable scene to her Truth Social account.

Photo Credit: Nona Jalali

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