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  • Clare Mooney and Jonah Wineberg

5 Tips To Bond With Your New Roommate

1. Make Sure They’re Comfortable

Everyone knows that a good night’s rest is the key to a good day. Make sure that your new roomie is getting some shut eye!

2. Bond With Their Significant Other

When you live with someone, it’s likely you’ll have to spend some time with their friends or partners. Quality time with their partner can be a great way to keep things fun in your shared space.

3. Get to Know Them

In order to best determine the likes and dislikes of your roommate, it’s imperative to learn everything that you can about them. Ask lots of questions!

4. Leave A Nice Note

It’s always nice to know that someone’s thinking of you, so make sure to leave some kind words for your new pal.

5. Take Out The Trash

Your roommate’s probably pretty busy with class. Help them out by taking care of some clean-up around the place!



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