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  • Jonah Wineberg

Athletic Centre Launches New Foot-Scented Candle

U of T’s Athletic Centre is well-known by frequenters for its iconic used-sock aroma, and now AC fans and foot fetishists alike can bring that signature scent home with their new foot-scented candle titled the 'Athlete’s Foot'.

After receiving several comments about the facility’s powerful odour, the AC elected to come out with a line of candles inspired by all the smells of the gym you know and love. The scents are sourced straight from the gym space after peak Monday hours, and the candles have been described as “scarily accurate” by students and “cruel” by the AC staff who have to collect the sweat samples.

“Finally. It’s nice to know that there’s a candle for me,” reported a frequent Athletic Centre lounger and foot enthusiast. When asked about the quality of the equipment at the gym, he gave a confused look and told us that he doesn’t work out.

Other scents in AC's new line of candles include 'the Deadlifter’s Shorts', 'the Uncleaned Machine' and 'the Deodernot'. The AC is also developing a white noise machine that loudly grunts as it tries to finish its last eight reps.

“These things should probably be tested by the FDA,” said Jenny Irvin, a concerned student. “I tried smelling one of these candles and I’ve been tasting blood and Axe body spray for the past three days.”



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