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  • Patrick Fraser

Bar With Other Patrons "Too Mainstream"

TORONTO - The University of Toronto’s location in the middle of downtown provides its students with easy access to plenty of bars, clubs, and pubs. Many have become fixtures of Toronto nightlife, like the Madison Avenue Pub, or simply "The Maddy" to the faithful.

The bars closest to campus are often teeming with intoxicated undergraduate students and washed-up alumni. Mark Clark, a fourth-year political science student, has seen it all. “Yeah, Green Room's been my go-to spot for years now,” he said after taking a long swig from his Green Room IPA, and leering at the other five customers in the bar. “But the problem is, it’s just too mainstream now.”

Clark lamented to The Boundary that his favourite spots have been “overrun” with rowdy first-years and customers looking to have a good time. “It’s beyond frustrating. I’ve seen Rebel, Green Room, Ronnie’s Local, Lucky Shrike, all taken over. I need to find the trashiest dive bar in Toronto.” Clark added that he preferred places that are a little more “underground.”

“I don’t want anyone else there. No other patrons, please and thank you.”



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