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  • Kayla Gaw

Bold! Instagram Activist Uses Same Sign, New Filter

Kayleigh Finley is many thingsan MLM employee, a Bitcoin stock trader, and above all, an Instagram activist. While other people circulate donation sites, petitions, and academic resources, Finley takes it upon herself to do some real work: posting photos of herself at protests on Instagram.

Current protests against police brutality and anti-Black racism have been of the utmost importance to Finley, who has not educated herself on racial discrimination since completing a compulsory social studies course in Grade 11. 

In September, the human rights lover was also an avid participant in the climate change protests which swept the nation. Holding up a carefully crafted sign that read “SHIT IS FUCKED UP AND STUFF,” not a single one of her followers could deny that Finley was well aware that shit was, in fact, fucked up. 

Realizing that the same profound sentiment applies to the current events, Finley has taken to the mean streets of Instagram with an empowering and fresh sepia filter. Proud of her advocacy, Finley was satisfied to see that her post received over 500 likes and a flood of Instagram comments saying “the queen of allyship <333” and “so brave. love u K.” 

Photo Credit: Quagmyre Shalom (Flickr)

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