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Boundary Pleased to Announce Newest Member Bill Morneau

For reasons unrelated to WE Charity, former Minister of Finance Bill Morneau has chosen to make the long-awaited transition from a head of government to the head of The Boundary’s budget. 

As Treasurer, Morneau has his sights set on making real, lasting change. 

“I am focused on helping those on the Dean’s List and those working hard to join it. My daughter, who is, yes, on the Dean’s List,” he said proudly, “has made a few suggestions to further benefit her fellow students who have worked hard to get where they are today. One of her first recommendations was to make tuition free for those on the listgenius!”

Effective immediately, his new role will require him to be moderately proficient in Excel, make RSM100 small talk with Rotman kids, and pose for humorous pictures while wearing a beanie.

“I think he’s ready for it,” said recent graduate Daniel Aykler, Morneau’s predecessor at The Boundary. “It’s a bit of an adjustment from federal politics but he’ll get there.”

The Boundary congratulates Morneau on his acceptance, and will be throwing an absolute rager to celebrate the publication’s new, fiscally responsible representative. With a few internship positions still open, The Boundary expects to be announcing more additions from the federal government over the coming weeks.

Photo Credit: Patrick Fraser



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