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  • Louis Butt

BREAKING: Student Switches Hoodie, Major For 'Very Last Time'

Fifth-year student David Cortez was spotted leaving the U of T Bookstore earlier this week with a brand-new Economics hoodie.

The History-turned-Philosophy-turned-Classics-turned-Psychology-turned-Mathematics-turned-Economics student has always had an affinity for wearing his major on his sleeve, literally.

“David? Yeah, he loves the hoodies with the department written on them,” said an anxious-looking bookstore clerk. “We had a custom Book and Media studies hoodie made just for him last year because the regular font doesn't fit on the garment."

“Sadly,” the clerk continued, “by the time the hoodie arrived, David had already switched majors.”

The academically-disoriented scholar is certain he has found "his calling" in the Economics department. Despite having to plough through his ninth 200-level course, Cortez has not wavered. Ignoring his registrar’s calls and emails begging him to reconsider his switch, David holds his head high.

He isn’t proud of his wobbly undergraduate record, but his fresh new Gildan keeps him satisfied.

Photo Credit: Louis Butt


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