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  • Natalie Cader-Beutel

Campus in Shambles Without UTSU President

The UTSU Spring 2022 election has left the UofT student body in a state of unrest. No candidates ran for the presidential position, leaving the campus without the wise ruling hand of justice. Jaywalking, tardiness, and self-cut bangs are at an all-time high in these trying times.

Unregulated students have also been spotted on multiple occasions wreaking havoc by entering exit-only doors.

David Lu, a veteran student politician, describes the situation as dire: “This is the ugly face of anarchy. As long as there is no one occupying the presidential office, things can only be expected to get worse. My data models project the dissolution of numerous tutorial friendships over the next few weeks and a sharp increase in students considering attending frat parties,” says Lu with a shiver.

Street interviews reveal a worried student body. Annie Brown, clutching her boba tighter than usual, tells The Boundary her fears: “I’m truly scared. What does this mean for the future of democracy? And what does the UTSU actually do?”

James French shared that he “doesn’t know what this interview is about.” Once the situation was explained, he added, visibly frightened, “Wait, there’s a student government here?” The disillusionment on campus may be worse than expected.

One can only hope that a virtuous leader will emerge as the saviour of the UTSU, and all of the lands over which it governs. Until then, the situation may get worse before it gets better.

Photo Credit: Emilio Ortelli



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