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Canada Day Festival Lineup Added to List of Atrocities Country Has Committed

Every year on July 1st, cities across the nation plan festivities for Canada Day. Although some view the day as a celebration, others argue that it is a bleak reminder of the colonialism and violence that affects members of Canada’s marginalized groups to this day.

As if the list of Canada’s atrocities against BIPOC wasn’t long enough, now, people will have the opportunity to hear D-list bands from Barry perform on Zoom. Other than humming off-tune covers of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, the artists will also be acting in comedy skits honouring traditional Canadian pastimes chugging maple syrup and acting surprised when someone mentions lacrosse is one of our national sports.

The headliners participating in this year’s online national Canada Day celebrations include:

  • Down With Webster

  • Rock Quebecois ft. Montreal-American Rejects

  • Boy band/rap collective BRAMPTON

  • Magic (not to be confused with Magic!)

  • Drake reciting his text messages to Millie Bobby Brown

  • Barenaked Ladies (hour long cover of The Big Bang Theory theme song)

  • The 1867 ft. Maroon 5

  • Your Older Brother’s Band

  • Not Nelly Furtado

Unfortunately, The Weeknd has declined to participate in Canada Day celebrations. His representatives commented that, at the moment, he is “too busy racking in album sales to participate in a CBC skit.”

Photo Credit: Peter Okwara (Unsplash)



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