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  • Noah Cazabon

Chestnut Residence Burned Down By Open Fire

Late Tuesday night, students at Chestnut Residence were awoken by what they assumed to be another false fire alarm. However, this time, the alarm was not false. A fire of unknown origin was slowly incinerating the dormitory. Hours later, the 52-year-old building was completely levelled.

Thankfully, all students evacuated safely. Evacuees were expected to be devastated about the loss of their beloved home. But instead, they appeared elated, if not exceedingly jolly and merry about the building’s ruin. “Good riddance,” noted one former resident.

Toronto’s Fire Marshall, Ken Burns, gave his guesses at how the fire started, “It turns out the building has not once had its dry, dated wallpaper replaced in its 52-year life. The place was a disaster waiting to happen”

If you have any information relating to the incident, please keep it to yourself.



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