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  • Boundary Staff

Drop-Outs Move West to 'Find Themselves'

Two over-stressed millennials are doing what every other over-stressed millenial has considered doing at one point or another.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex - royals only for another month - have, over the past few weeks, formally decided to say 'fuck it' - and head out west.

Henry Charles Albert David, known to his friends and The Boundary as 'Harry,' was reached over the phone this weekend.

"Man, I was just burnt out, feel me?" Harry said, after a long exhale. "I was just done with Responsibility and Duty and Stress. I wanted to get away from it all - the hustle, the bustle, the Queen - and find myself."

Meghan Markle, Harry's wife, chimed in at this point: "Totally. The last four years or so have been so... what's the word... they've just be a lot. And we felt we needed a break."

Harry and Meghan expressed their thanks to the province of British Columbia for being so hospitable.

"They're a cool bunch of dudes," Harry admitted, chuckling. "Very chill."



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