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  • Zainab Haider

Economics Student Has Faith Inflation Will Soon Affect Grades

Inflation in Canada has exhibited record highs since the start of the pandemic. It has led to increases in gas prices, TTC fares, McDonald's Value Menu, and many more aspects of our daily lives. Third year economics enthusiast Richard Hayek has been tracking these price hikes in the economy closely in an excel spreadsheet, hopeful that this inflation will soon impact his grades.

As a self-proclaimed "econometrics god", Hayek explained to The Boundary, “in class, I learnt that inflation is an increase in the general price level of goods and services in the economy. Since grades are a form of currency in the academic world, they will also most definitely increase.” This line of reasoning has certainly left individuals speechless, notably Hayek's ECO375 TA - “he’s not wrong, but he isn’t right either”.

Upon being asked for further clarification, Hayek elaborated, “it’s the common boom and bust cycle of the economy, right now my grades are in a recession, but they’re gonna peak soon. The transmission mechanism just has a bit of a time lag”

"I know midterms are going to hit me like a ton of bricks hitting a student. But after seeing the $12 carton of eggs at Metro, I think my grades will be just fine."



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