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  • Shiven Sai Gandhi

Friend Won’t Shut Up About Semester Abroad at UTSC

Semester abroad trips: the opportunity for students to expand their horizons, explore a new part of the world, and for your friends to have four months worth of stories that you don't want to hear about.

This semester, 2nd year poli-sci student James Cooper had the great pleasure of venturing out to the depths of the Greater Toronto Area for a vibrant change of scenery: University of Toronto Scarborough Campus.

He took the arduous 29 kilometre journey to the campus and was greeted by breathtaking views of flat land decorated with beige buildings of various fast food franchises. A massive book-worm, James described his life on the Scarborough campus as a “glimpse of Orwellian society” citing the humanities wing as his favourite part of campus.

James talked about some of the initial issues he faced when adjusting to the cultural nuances of Scarborough life, “Well there was definitely a language barrier. I learnt about new words such as ‘waste yute’ and ‘peng’ which was very exciting.” When asked about how students studying abroad could overcome this barrier, Cooper had this advice: "The best way to adapt to a language is immersing yourself in it, I practiced by standing for hours in line at the local Tim Hortons."

However, some people were not so pleased about James’ semester abroad. His colleagues at the St. George campus seem to have heard way too much about a place that they “forgot existed”. “He’s acting like he went to Buckingham Palace and tried ratatouille”, said one annoyed colleague, “but all he did was go to Lazeez shawarma everyday”.



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