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  • Daniel Golden

Group Project Finally Settles on Communicating Through Kik

Love them or hate them, group projects are an unavoidable reality in any U of T degree. From smooth-talking freeloaders to uptight control freaks, the headaches of working with others need not be elaborated. But by far the most frustrating element of group work is the need to agree on a single mode of communication.

For students in HIS349: A History of Less Popular Methods of Communication, this decision has proven to be particularly trying. One member, who wouldn’t stop humming TLC’s “No Scrubs”, recommended MSN Messenger. Another, who’s been wearing a “Support the Convoy” every day of the past year, vehemently insisted on Parler. Meanwhile, the group’s self-proclaimed technophobe has suggested smoke signals as a viable alternative, free from the oppressive gaze of big tech.

After weeks of deliberation, and numerous threats regarding the upcoming group evaluations, a consensus has been reached. Kik Messenger, a platform once popular among elementary school children and predators in their pursuit, was agreed upon as the ideal method of communication. “It was the only thing that made sense” explained the group’s half dozen members in unison, “and if that fails, we’ll just use six cans and a string”.



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