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Guy in UC Hoodie Actually Just Lonely Woodsworth Student

At the University of Toronto, few institutions have as little clout as Woodsworth College. Facing daily microaggressions from the other colleges, the Woodsworth diaspora has taken refuge at buildings such as Whitney Hall, Sir Dan’s, and Chestnut in attempts to assimilate into the dominant college cultures. However, the move has led to increased feelings of isolation and lack of identity among the Woodsworth student body. 

The Boundary secured an interview with one such student, whose name has been amended to protect their identity. Roy Jenkins, a first year political science student living at University College, said he hid his true self from his friends. 


“I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone knowing my dark secret,” he said as a shiver ran down his back. “It has split me into two different people. I thought about dropping out a few times, but I managed to transfer residences, so I’m okay now.” 

To mask his natural Woodsworth musk, Jenkins exclusively wears his UC hoodie. “It’s almost like I’m a real UC student. I mean, what kind of Woodsworth student would wear this hoodie with such UC spirit and pride? Roll a joint, roll, roll a joint! Can’t spell ‘fuck’ without U-C!” 

Roy will continue to swear allegiance to University College, investing his heart and hoodie into the endeavour. Much like the 52 UC hoodies hanging in his closet, Roy Jenkins is undoubtedly the property of University College.

Photo Credit: Sammy Edwards



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