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Guy With Good Posture Annoying

A haughty local man with ramrod posture is attracting the ire of his fellow classmates after he was spotted sitting in a university library.

The slender Joel Fagliano, a fifth-year Book and Media Studies Major, is known to many in the library community for his ability to subtly piss you off and appear superior while doing it.

Fagliano’s “routine,” say onlookers, is to plunk his things down, crack his fingers, set up his space, and contort his back into a terrifyingly straight 90 degree angle.

“I just…. what makes him think he’s better than me, you know?” asked second-year Maria Christink between slurps of coffee.

“I go to the washroom maybe once every 90 minutes and, let me tell you,” she said, poking The Boundary’s correspondent in the chest, “every time I pass this dude he’s sitting at his desk, inert, staring into hisbook, with his never-ending back erect as a goddamn ruler.”

“I can’t put it into words,” Christink said. “I know it’s good for him, and it shouldn’t affect me. But his discipline makes my laziness all the more apparent.”

Photo Credit: Nona Jalali



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