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  • Jonah Wineberg

Gym Bro in English Class Corrects Your Form

Chad Morris, a self-diagnosed “gym rat,” noticed during an essay workshopping tutorial that a fellow student’s paper wasn’t their personal best. With the high weight of this assignment, Morris decided he needed to help spot her, so he chalked up his typing fingers and got to work correcting her literary form.

“First thing I noticed was that her form was all wrong,” reported Morris. “She needed an isolated focus on literary analysis.” To get a clearer tone, Morris suggested cutting by getting rid of fatty run-on sentences and quotation surpluses.

The student named Chloe Zhu informed The Boundary that after their session together, the paper had its full body worked out and cleanly organized with a better macro focus on larger themes.

“I’ve never felt this pumped from writing an essay before, Chad took my editing routine to a totally new level,” said Zhu. "Though I must add, I didn't ask at all."

Morris proudly helped raise the bar for Zhu's future assignments. Hopefully, this essay will get gains when it comes time for grading.


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