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  • Joseph Strauss

Harry and Meghan Settling into New Jobs at Medieval Times

Following the announcement of Harry and Meghan’s move to Canada, everyone has been dying to know what’s next for the royal couple. Isolation amid the tall trees of B.C.? A life of raucous socializing in Toronto? A reality TV show out of Ottawa?

Don’t fall for the gossip. I know exactly what they’re up to - and it may shock you.

I was watching a typical Tuesday afternoon joust at Medieval Times on Dufferin when a strikingly familiar ginger man brought me a plate of chicken. I took one look at him, suspended my leisure time, and kicked into journalist mode.

“Prince Harry?” I said.

“Shhh,” he said, looking around to make sure nobody else heard. He handed me my chicken. “I’m no longer a prince, my lord. I’m but a humble serf.”

It was fascinating to witness the fall of this once-royal man––and yet, holding that tray of chicken, he carried himself with a sense of contentment that I’d never before seen in him. In an ironic way, being the only one out of hundreds not wearing a crown seemed to give him more power than he’d ever felt.

“Potatoes, my lord?” he asked.

“Where’s Meghan?” I asked after nodding and accepting a few wedges.

Harry answered that she was training to become a squire and hoped to fight in next Tuesday’s tourney.

He moved on to serve chicken to the rest of the crowned guests.

Photo Credit: Ruven Samaraweera



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