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  • Jonah Wineberg

Honorary Degree Recipient Wishes it Wasn’t in Renaissance Studies

The University of Toronto is set to confer 11 honorary degrees to various figures of acclaim and esteem in 2024. However, not all honorary degrees are created equal. Vance Hooverton, a 56-year-old business executive and soon-to-be recipient, is unsure of what to do with his upcoming honorary Renaissance Studies degree.

Upon hearing the news of the reward at a press conference, Hooverton met the presenter with a smile, honoured for being revered by this prestigious organization. That smile slowly faded as he saw the title at the top of the paper being showcased.

“It’s a nice gesture and all,” Hooverton reported, “but couldn’t they have given me an economics degree?” Hooverton addressed his concern for how the degree would apply to his career, worrying that Renaissance Studies may not support him in the current economy. To mitigate his financial concerns, he recently took up a second job as a barista in a local Starbucks.



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