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  • Patrick Fraser

Humanities Student Concerned Over "Fatty Acids" Body-Shaming

Ella Lame, a second-year History student and self-proclaimed activist, is making waves in BIO130H1 after criticizing the professor for her “ignorance” and “blatant display of prejudice” towards so-called “fatty acids.” 

Lame was taken aback by the casual “fat-shaming” exhibited by Professor Ingram and her fellow students. “I thought people in bio were smart. I guess I was wrong,” she lamented to her roommate after one lecture. “The prof kept going on and on about so-called ‘fatty-acids,’ like, excuse me? To hear my classmates use such hateful terms devastated me,” she said.

According to reports, at the next lecture, Professor Ingram displayed an image of a fatty-acid and began to describe it. “Here you have the organism, with the hydrophobic side and the hydrop-” 

Lame then turned on her camera and microphone and interrupted the professor. “Hey guys, can you hear me? I just have to say that you have no right to decide what a desirable acid looks like. For you to call these living things ‘fatties’ makes me disappointed and sad. All acids are just built differently, there is no ONE acid shape. Frankly, I blame mainstream media for preaching this toxic and distasteful mindset.” With that, Ella turned off her camera and smiled smugly, content with the knowledge that she was better than everyone else. 

Professor Ingram expressed that while she’s happy that Ella is finally participating for the first time this semester, she should spend her time catching up on all her missed assignments instead of trying to educate the class on an imaginary issue.

Photo Credit: Adam A. Lam



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