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  • Patrick Fraser

“I Can Quit Whenever I Want,” Says Student Rolling Up 17th Rim of the Day

TORONTO - Tim Horton’s, Canada’s biggest coffee seller, recently launched the latest iteration of the company’s popular “Roll Up the Rim” promotion. Customers purchase a coffee and then peel back (or “roll up the rim”) of the cup for a chance to win one of many outstanding prizes, ranging from a new Volkswagen to a free donut.

Arthur Bishop is a regular at the 200 Bloor Street West Tim Horton’s. The staff know him by name and he simply says “I’ll get the usual” when ordering. The fourth-year’s routine has recently been interrupted by the Roll Up the Rim promotion. “I want that car. I need that car. I’ll get that car, even if it takes a thousand coffees to do it,” a jittery, anxious, sleep-deprived Bishop told The Boundary. “Oh, I can stop whenever I want, believe me.”

Bishop is known to frequent the Niagara Falls casinos and the pool halls on College Street. A self-described “thrill seeker” and “winner,” his room is covered in dozens of discarded, torn-up cups. Countless “Please play again/Reessayez SVP” messages litter his desk and workspace. His roommate, Billy Currie expressed concern. “He’s a wreck. I’ve only ever seen him like this after a few drinks and many lost hands at the poker table. He craves that ‘rush,’ I hope he seeks help.”


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