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  • Patrick Fraser

“I Can Quit Whenever I Want,” Says Student Rolling Up 17th Rim of the Day

Tim Horton’s, Canada’s biggest coffee seller, recently launched the latest iteration of the company’s popular “Roll Up the Rim” promotion. Customers purchase a coffee and then peel back (or “roll up the rim”) of the cup for a chance to win one of many outstanding prizes, ranging from a new Volkswagen to a free donut.

Arthur Bishop is a regular at the 200 Bloor Street West Tim Horton’s. The staff know him by name and he simply says “I’ll get the usual” when ordering. The fourth-year’s routine has recently been interrupted by the Roll Up the Rim promotion. “I want that car. I need that car. I’ll get that car, even if it takes a thousand coffees to do it,” a jittery, anxious, sleep-deprived Bishop told The Boundary. “Oh, I can stop whenever I want, believe me.”

Bishop is known to frequent the Niagara Falls casinos and the pool halls on College Street. A self-described “thrill seeker” and “winner,” his room is covered in dozens of discarded, torn-up cups. Countless “Please play again/Reessayez SVP” messages litter his desk and workspace. His roommate, Billy Currie expressed concern. “He’s a wreck. I’ve only ever seen him like this after a few drinks and many lost hands at the poker table. He craves that ‘rush,’ I hope he seeks help.”



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