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  • Emory Claire

“I Only had Ten Commandments,” says Annoyed God After Reading New Peterson Book

University of Toronto professor and social commentator Jordan B. Peterson is no stranger to controversy. In the years since his stand against Bill C-16, the professor has amassed a large following on YouTube, protestors have been present at his lectures, and he has been involved in numerous fiery interviews.

Amidst the media storm, Peterson has sold millions of books, and his newest release, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, has received mixed reviews from divine, omnipresent beings.

In a 5000-word op-ed in the New York Times, God called out Peterson for his piousness: “The fact that [Peterson] has stretched this out to two books is sybaritic at best,” an incensed Lord wrote. He went on, “I only had Ten Commandements, why should Peterson have 24? ‘The 24 Commandments of Peterson,’ Jesu— I mean, utterly ridiculous.”

When asked for comment, Peterson declined, posting on Twitter that everyone “should read the book themselves for the low price of $39.95” before making up their mind on the matter. The Munk Debates has reached out to both parties, seeking to capitalize on the public spat between the two all-knowing celebrities by getting them to appear at the next in-person debate.



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