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  • Natalie Cader-Beutel

“Impossible” Midterm Has Existential Crisis

UofT students from all faculties and programs despise midterm season. Even worse than finals according to some students, studying for exams while still learning new material in class can seem like an insurmountable task. But only now is the community starting to recognize the harm that student complaints create for the midterms.

One midterm, POL399 Solving Racism Essay, has been shaken to its core by students’ harsh words. The unsuspecting midterm was called “horrible” and “impossible” by students filing out of the lecture hall. Though they probably meant no harm, their words cut deep for POL399 Solving Racism Essay who overheard their comments. The midterm was sent into an existential spiral. 

“I’ve been called bad things before. I don’t want to get into my traumatic past with you… my upbringing in the printer was particularly rough… I’m working through it in therapy. But being called impossible is something else entirely. What did they mean? Do they have a point? What even am I?”

While The Boundary recognizes the difficulties that midterm season pose in the lives of undergraduates, we urge students across campus to be kinder with their words. Because of a few carless students, a local midterm has entered a dark place and is at risk of turning to religion.



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