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  • Sammy Edwards

Laptop Clinging On for Dear Life Halfway into Three Hour Lecture

For most students, listening to a prof lecture for two hours is pushing it. I mean, by the one hour and fifty-minute mark, sure they’re talking, but are they really saying anything? No. Needless to say, some percent of the UofT population is forced to deal with the worst kind of hell imaginable: three-hour lectures.

The Winter semester brought second-year Econ student Anthony Park face-to-face with the lecture length of his nightmares. “Three hours of econometrics seemed like a lot, but maybe if I packed a snack, downloaded a podcast or two, I felt like I could handle it,” says Park. “But, little did I know that it wasn’t my well-being that I should have been worrying about.”

Park, of course, was referring to his Macbook Pro, whose humble battery was not prepared for this increased lecture time. “It was barely halfway through the lecture that I got the fatal notification: Low battery. Your Mac will sleep soon unless plugged into a power outlet,” said Park, holding back tears.

Without an outlet in sight (Editor’s note: kind of bullshit to not have more power outlets in the year 2023), Park’s Macbook battery was stuck, clinging on for dear life for the remainder of the lecture. Says Park, “I guess ol’ Mac just wasn’t ready for three hours of playing Tetris along with the occasional note being taken.”



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