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  • Sammy Edwards

Maya Rudolph Secures First Steady Paycheck

It might be a secret to many, but comedy is not the career of luxury and stable finances that it’s cracked up to be. While us Boundary writers are diving into Scrooge McDuck-like pools of money by day and sleeping with models by night, some comedians never even make it past being the funniest person in their 2006 Honda Civic. However, with Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris officially winning the US election, history will always remember Saturday, November 7th, 2020 as the day that comedian Maya Rudolph finally secured her first steady paycheck: portraying VP Kamala Harris on Saturday Night Live for the next four years.

As one of the most prominent biracial female performers in the New York comedy scene, Rudolph knew that a win for Democrats also meant a win for Rudolph’s hopes of quitting her day job to pursue Kamala Harris impressions full-time. Her portrayal of Harris marks Rudolph’s first and only foray into playing a memorable character since originally joining SNL in 2000. The actress is thrilled to finally earn an income that will not be supplemented by “for her” Whoopie Cushion commercials.

The Boundary’s inside sources from Maya Rudolph’s shared apartment report that upon learning of Biden/Kamala’s triumph, Rudolph called her manager at Starbucks and said,  “Remember when you told me I was done at SNL and needed to get over it? Well how about you get over this racially ambiguous ass, I quit!”. After then asking her manager if she’d be willing to put in a good word to the people at SNL, Rudolph began rehearsing the out of touch references the show’s professional comedy writers will have her embarrassingly misuse every week.

Rudolph is hoping that this will boost interest in a potential Bridesmaids/Kamala Harris crossover sequel, “Bridesmaids 2: You May Now Kiss the First Half-Black Half-Asian Female Vice President”.

Photo Credit: Washington Post



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