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  • Joseph Strauss

New Year's Resolution Consists of Daily Jog to Papa Ceo

New Year’s Resolutions provide us with an opportunity to start fresh, do away with old habits, and build new, more productive ones. The New Year can be a time to reflect on how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, and, for folks like fourth-year student Joshua Klein: how we treat our bodies.

“Over the holidays I came to realize that my body is a temple,” says Klein. “I used to treat myself like garbage by just ordering pizza every day right to my door. I even developed an ongoing rapport with three different delivery guys. It just wasn’t healthy.”

Klein’s New Year’s Resolution is drastic: he will suit up in his roommate’s athletic gear and jog 750 metres to Papa Ceo every day. “I’m proud of him,” says Klein’s roommate, who adds that Klein had never previously seen the physical Papa Ceo restaurant, nor understood the concept of a physical restaurant in general.

“It still feels surreal leaving the apartment for food, like I’m living a hunter-gatherer lifestyle,” Klein says.

Unfortunately, just one week into the new year, Klein has reportedly ordered delivery upwards of five times, casting doubt on his commitment to lightly jogging for his pizza. “There’s an adjustment period,” Klein admits, “but I know I can do this.” Klein, excited about his new dedication to health, hints that next year’s resolutions will involve ensuring a higher concentration of vegetables in his pizza selection.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Katz



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