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  • Patrick Fraser

Nostalgic Queen's Student Kicks Drunken Self Out of Room

With social distancing rendering it impossible to turn up, Queen’s students have been left nostalgic for a simpler time, a time of alcohol dependence and Travis Scott with the boys. However, first year engineering student Ryan Drysdale refused to let COVID-19 contaminate his buzz.

Cracking open his seventh cold one alone in his bedroom, Drysdale reminisced about the good old days in res. 

“I used to get shittered with the boys on the regular,” he said, wistfully. “Yeah...first semester was just like a movie.” 

Drysdale then proceeded to host a one-man rager, featuring Die Lit, flashing LED lights, and plenty of backwashed Bud Light. 

“Oh man, I sure hope I don’t get written up, aha - I’d be so embarrassed!” he said. 

To complete the Queen’s experience, Drysdale physically launched himself out of his room, shouting expletives the entire time. When the entrance to his room shut, he desperately banged on the door, screaming for his boys to let him back in. 

He stood there, satisfied. He felt right at home.

Photo Credit: Patrick Fraser



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